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You’ve dedicated your life to building your business, and you deserve to capitalize on all your hard work. That’s why our team at Northwest Business Group is so passionate about about helping businesses like yours realize their full potential and sell for top dollar.

If your financial status is hindering your business growth but you’re eager to scale and sell, you’ve come to the right place. Northwest Business Group is a premier financial consulting and advisory firm that has helped hundreds of established companies and mature startups across various industries become more profitable and achieve life-changing outcomes. Our team has decades of combined experience providing comprehensive valuations, financial modeling, fractional CFO, and M&A services to multinational corporations, private equity, and venture capital firms $5 million to $30 million in revenue. On average, our clients have benefited from a sale price increase of 25% or more. 

Scaling and selling a business can be daunting, but our process inspires confidence and gets results. We start by helping you get a clear and comprehensive understanding of your business’ value and financial health, then identify key areas for improvement and strategies to boost your profitability. Once we’ve helped your business realize its full potential, we guide you through the sale process so that you can exit with ease and peace of mind. After a successful sale, we can stay on as a fractional CFO or continue to advise for as long as required in order to guarantee a seamless transition.

At Northwest Business Group, we believe that relationships are more important than transactions. That’s why we build lasting connections with our clients and treat each business we support as if it were our own. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive!

Meet Scott Lauray

Scott Lauray is the founder and principal of Northwest Business Group. After nearly a decade of experience as a leader in multi-billion-dollar, international organizations, Scott made a strategic shift in 2010 towards privately held companies, private equity, and venture capital. This transition also marked the birth of Northwest Business Group, where Scott currently serves as principal while also founding, investing in, and advising on other companies.

“Relationships are more important than transactions. For me, it’s about the people who worked hard and made tremendous sacrifices to build a company that’s making a difference in the world. These are not just widgets, not just good numbers on a spreadsheet, these are people who have worked their whole lives building something, and I help them capitalize on that in the most lucrative way possible.”

Don’t make blind decisions and leave profits on the table – choose Northwest Business Group and take control of your financial future.